What camera do you use?
I use the Camera app in my iPhone SE or my Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

Who takes your photos?


Which iPhone apps do you use to edit your photos on Instagram?

Photo Wonder, Moldiv & Facetune

What programs do you use to edit the photos on your blog?
I either take the photos from my Instagram and transfer those already edited images into the blog. I use the PicMonkey for larger projects & editing.


What camcorder do you use?
I use the video feature on my Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

Who takes your video?
Myself on a tripod.

What programs do you use to edit your video?
I use CyberLink PowerDirector 14.

How long have you been blogging?
Elizabeth de Melero was born on April 29, 2013. 

What inspired you to start?

A blog gives me the opportunity to express myself and share my interests with the world. It's also therapeutic to write about things that revolve in my head but can't verbally express.

Do you blog full time?

No, I only do it part-time. We have 2 very active boys + we travel a lot. I try to sneak a post in as often as I can. Even if you don't see posts coming in, I'm usually on social media (links on the top right of blog). 

I'm new to blogging, can you give me any advice?

1) Start
2) Stick to it
3) Improve 
4) Don't compare yourself to others, and
5) Don't give up!

How did you design your blog?

I use the Simple template on Blogger & have personalized it to my liking.

What are your favorite blogs?

These are some of my favorite blogs in alphabetical order:
Ana Lydia MonacoBeautzyCarly CristmanKelly Golightly, MandySharesLife, and Wendy's Look Book.

Why "Elizabeth de Melero"?
My blog name is truly personal: 'Elizabeth' is my name, what everyone calls me. 'de Melero' because I share experiences and adventures that involve my little family.
Elizabeth de Melero is basically a representation of my all-encompassing life.


Do you have a favorite makeup brand?
No. I believe that both high-end & drugstore makeup can have amazing products as well as horrible duds. I don't stick to just one brand. I use what I feel comfortable with and whatever works for me.

Do you prefer high-end or drugstore makeup?

I truly love both. Although I became more partial to drugstore makeup in recent years and after we had our boys. I've become more frugal & look for things that are more readily accessible to me & others. There are still things I love from high-end brands that I simply cannot replace with drugstore. Regardless of what I find and whether it's drugstore or high-end, I'll make sure to share it with you all.


How tall are you?
I am 5' 2"

How old are you?

I am in my late 30s.

What's your skin type?

I have oily skin in the Summer & combination in the Winter. You can see my entire Beauty Profile by clicking HERE!

Where are you from?

I was born in Mexicali, Mexico. Right after I turned 17, we moved to California - specifically to the Palm Springs area. I consider Palm Springs my hometown. Most people think I was born & raised in the US because I barely have an accent - it doesn't really come out unless I am nervous or very angry LOL

So, what ethnicity are you?

In all honesty, I am...a mutt? Mom is ½ Spanish & ½ Japanese. Dad is 100% Spanish. So, my brothers & I are 75% Spanish & 25% Japanese.

What do you do for a living?

I am a freelance makeup artist.

If you have any questions, suggestions or emotional outbursts😉, feel free to send me an email at