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...and welcome to i♥offbeat!

My name is Elizabeth Diaz and I am the founder & editor of this blog. I am also a part-time freelance makeup artist, cosmetics lover & beauty products aficionado. After moving around Southern California for the past 5 years, I am back in my hometown of Palm Springs CA! 

I have a wonderful boyfriend, Andrés. I usually refer to him as "the Mr." around here. We have been together since 2010 and together we have 2 beautiful sons: Simon & Lucas, who I usually refer to as "S&L" or "the boys" whenever I write about them.  If you happen to have Twitter or Instagram and you are following me, chances are you have heard of them or seen them in pics. I like to share some of our adventures and, from time to time, you'll read blog posts that include them & our slight but very loving insanity. They are the loves of my life!

i♥offbeat was born out of  my lifelong fascination with makeup.  It can make you feel beautiful, confident, amazing, sexy, attractive, powerful... I learned from my mother the most basic rule about makeup: never be afraid to experiment, have fun with color, enhance your features, wear it with confidence, and always be elegant.

I used to Google and watch YouTube incessantly to learn more and more about makeup everyday.You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to look like a million bucks. Practice, patience, and love for the craft is all you need. I am still fascinated by the transformation of anyone going from bare to glamorous and love seeing their reaction once they are completely made up. 

I always get comments or questions from my friends on how I did a certain makeup look, what colors I used, what brand of makeup to buy, or how to blend/line/define... So, I decided to start up a YouTube channel to show them how to get things done. But then, after thinking about it, I realized that videos here and there were not enough for me to use as an outlet to release all of this energy and passion for makeup.  It's because of this that i♥offbeat was created - to teach, to learn, and to share with others.

Also, after some time, I decided to take my love for makeup to the next level and opted for getting an education on it. So, I enrolled in makeup school to learn more about the craft and improve my skills. I graduated from April Love Pro Makeup Academy on October 2013 and have been doing makeup professionally on clients ever since! Also, I have had some wonderful opportunities, such as doing makeup for the Miss California USA & Miss California Teen USA pageants and photoshoots with well-recognized models, such as Molly O'Connell (ANTM, Cycle 16) and McKenzie Eckels. I've also worked and built professional relationships with well-respected photographers in the business, such as LUIXE and SHX Photo.

It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or well-seasoned in the art of makeup. All that matters is that you get to partake in the experience and enjoy the ride. It is because of this that I am here, so we can love and grow our craft together!

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