Hi everyone, 😊

Welcome to my website

My name is Elizabeth. I am the owner of this blog. I'm also a mom of two rambunctious boys, girlfriend to a grumpy wonderful man, a freelance makeup artist, and a Palm Springs resident in sunny Southern California 🌞🌴🍹 Life is beautiful!

I have a wonderful boyfriend, AndrΓ©s. I usually refer to him as "the Mr." around here. Together we have 2 incredible sons: Simon & Lucas ("the boys"). If you happen to have Twitter or Instagram and are following me, chances are you have seen them in my pics. I like to share some of our adventures and, from time to time, you'll read posts that include them & our slight but very loving insanity.

They are the loves of my life!

Elizabeth de Melero was born out of my lifelong fascination with makeup.  Makeup can make you feel beautiful, confident, amazing, sexy, attractive, powerful... I learned from my mother the most basic rules about makeup: never be afraid to experiment, have fun with color, and wear it with confidence. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to look like a million bucks. Practice, patience, and love for the craft are all you need.

Over time, my blog has grown to include other interests -- fashion, home decor, lifestyle. I have also learned to use it as a platform to bring awareness about issues that matter to us as a family, such as Autism. You see, our oldest son, Simon, has high-functioning Autism and speech delay. We want to enlighten people about what it is to love & live life with someone on the spectrum. We want to help people understand those with Autism may act and learn differently than most of us but they are never less. Our son's diagnosis has brought a whole new meaning to life. We love our boys very much. They are the stars in our eyes.

I also have a YouTube channel where I share more about my personal interests + stories and vlogs about our family. Because I can't just pick one single subject anymore! My videos are an outlet where I release my energy and passion for life.  It's because of this that Elizabeth de Melero was created - to teach, to learn, to bring awareness, and to share with others.

So... Get yourself a snack, get comfortable, take a look around, and thank you for visiting my site! ♥

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