Monday, July 31, 2017


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post.

Well, hello there! 👋😊

It has been a sweet minute since the last time I posted anything around here. Sooo much has happened in the past few months, which is why I disappeared, but I'm back with both feet and ready to review this palette for you. I'll fill you in as to everything that has happened soon. For now, let's go ahead and talk about this puppy...

Before I start, let me just say: I haven't bought a palette in a very long time. When I say "a long time", I mean a good year & a half. 🙈 To be completely honest, nothing had called my name. I was over all the hyped up products YouTubers and bloggers kept trying to shove down my throat. Until many someones in the vast internet mentioned Juvia's Place and every-single-one of them kept giving it raving reviews. Got me curious. I waited for the bad reviews to come, but they never did. Say what!? That was my cue. I had to try this palette for myself and see what everyone was talking about. And here we are. Add me to the list. I love this palette. ♥


The Nubian Palette by Juvia's Place

"Juvia's Nubian Eyeshadow Palette features the most essential collection of neutral colors. Our highly pigmented colors blend flawlessly and have incredible wear-ability power. This palette is easy for everyday wear into night. This is a must-have palette great for all skin types.
Nubian Eyeshadow Palette features 4 transition matte and 8 shimmery pearl textured colors."

All these colors are right up my alley -- a neutral palette after my own heart. We all have a million neutral palettes by now, I know. What makes this one so special is the consistency in pigmentation, softness, formula, blendability and staying power. They are truly wonderful eyeshadows that passed all the tests with little effort. Plus, the color selection is a perfect combination of 12 warm hues that are quite complimentary to each other. I likey!

The matte eyeshadows are pigmented, blend easily and don't have much kick-up/fall-out. The shimmers are pigmented, easy to apply and remain vibrant for long periods of time. There is not one single weak eyeshadow in this palette. They all work beautifully. The eyeshadows marked with an asterisk (*)  are my favorites.


Eyeshadow 1 → (Shimmer) Beige with Light Pink duo-chrome
Eyeshadow 2 → (Matte) Light Sienna*
Eyeshadow 3 → (Matte) Umber Brown
Eyeshadow 4 → (Metallic) Champagne with Gold Shimmer


Eyeshadow 1 → (Shimmer) Rose Gold with Gold Shift
Eyeshadow 2 → (Shimmer) Warm Antique Gold
Eyeshadow 3 → (Shimmer) Brick Red*
Eyeshadow 4 → (Shimmer) Rust Auburn


Eyeshadow 1 → (Shimmer) Chestnut Brown
Eyeshadow 2 → (Matte) Chocolate Brown
Eyeshadow 3 → (Shimmer) Deep Taupe*
Eyeshadow 4 → (Matte) Espresso

Below is a selfie I took while wearing The Nubian Palette by Juvia's Place. It's an everyday glam look that I typically wear for work. Here's the breakdown of the eyeshadows used:

• I used my face powder over eye primer to make sure all the eyeshadows on top would blend easily & without much effort.
• Top Row, E/S 2 (Light Sienna) on top of the crease and under the bottom lashline. Blended really well to have a good transition shade to work with.
• Top Row, E/S 3 (Umber Brown) directly on the crease and on the outer part of the lower lashline. Blend with the first eyeshadow to create a flawless gradient.
• Top Row, E/S 1 (Beige with Light Pink Duo-Chrome) on the mobile lid. Pack on & create a soft cut-crease.
• Bottom Row, E/S 2 (Chocolate Brown) on the outer corner of the mobile lid and crease. Blend really well.
• Applied black liquid eyeliner, curled lashes & applied mascara to top & bottom lashes. Applied falsies (Kiss #11).

I definitely recommend this palette! The price point is really good, the quality is outstanding and you will be supporting a small business owned by a self-made female entrepreneur. Let me know your thoughts below! ♥

Xo, Elizabeth.