Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Makeup feat. SKINN Cosmetics by Dimitri James {MOTD}

DISCLAIMER: I received these products, courtesy of SKINN Cosmetics,
for review & use with this blog post. All opinions are my own.

Mother's Day Makeup feat. SKINN Cosmetics by Dimitri James {MOTD} | iheartoffbeat

Hello, my pretties! ♥

From the last blog post where I talked about SKINN Cosmetics by Dimitri James, I decided to use all of the products listed and create a makeup look for Mother's Day. By the way, happy belated Mother's Day to all of you beautiful mamas out there!

My favorite part about this look is that it's very feminine and easy to recreate. I'm all about fresh but glam makeup looks where you feel like a more polished version of yourself! Because, let's be honest --  as moms we don't always look like we have our ish together (haha!). If you're interested in recreating this makeup look, keep reading to see how I achieved it.


To start, I used Collagenesis® Essential Radiance Body Oil all over my face, neck and décolletage. I only use a very small amount because I have very oily skin and this is a very oily product. A couple drops usually do the trick! It's truly one of those products where a little goes a long way. Mainly because it's a heavier oil meant for the body but I use it for just about everything. I just have to be careful with the amount for face use. Also, I don't do this step on hot or humid days because my makeup will melt in no time. I prefer to do this step during Winter when my skin is more combo and tends to get dry patches. If you have dry skin, you will be able to get away with it much better under your foundation or mixing it with your foundation on a regular basis.

After applying the oil, I apply Orchid Gel Canvas-Ready Treatment Primer all over my face but, primarily, on my t-zone. I make sure to smooth it out as best as possible and use patting motions where I have large pores (apples of the cheeks) to push the primer into the skin. It creates an even surface for my foundation to glide on easily. As I mentioned in my last post, this is by far the best face primer I have ever used! It's very lightweight but packs a punch and really helps your foundation last a very long time. Plus, it has the added benefit that it's also a treatment for your face. 

Once my skin is prepped and primed, I apply Plasma Fusion Full Coverage Foundation in Light by drawing the foundation directly onto the skin. If you're not comfortable using the foundation stick like this, you can follow these steps instead: Use a spatula to remove a layer of foundation, place it on the back of your hand, apply to your face with a flat foundation brush and blend with a beauty blender for best results. This foundation is perfect for days when you want full coverage but don't want the heavy feeling on your face. I didn't apply any concealer because this foundation covers any imperfections and discoloration easily; however, if you need some extra coverage, feel free to re-use your foundation stick or your favorite concealer to the areas that need it.

Because of my oily skin, I make sure to apply powder to the areas that need to be set. This prevents the foundation from sliding around. In my case, I concentrate most of the powder under the eye area and t-zone, then feather it out towards the rest of the face and neck.

For my brows, I used my favorite brow pencil and then went over them with a brow setting gel to prevent them from moving around. I made sure to concentrate most of the color on the arch and tail of the brow for a more natural look. I kept things very minimal (you can still see the hairs), but they look polished and well-kept.

Before starting, I used Plasma Fusion Eyeshadow Primer & Setting Veil on my eyes. First, I used a small amount of the Primer from lid to brow. Then, I used a tiny amount of the Setting Veil all over the primer to set it and make sure the eyeshadows blended easier and didn't look patchy. The product itself is great, just be careful -- it gets all over the place...

Then, I used the eyeshadows from the Shade and Blush Collection: Flushed. I used the lightest color on the 1st half of the lid, the inner corner and the brow bone to highlight. Then, I used the peachy pink on the center-left on the crease as my transition color. I also used this color on my lower lashline. After that, I mixed the two darkest browns and applied them to the outer 3rd of the eyes (top & bottom) to give them dimension and create an extended yet soft cat eye look. I made sure to blend all these steps really well for a more natural look. Make sure to go back & forth as needed Last, I used the taupe on the 2nd half of the mobile lid to create a more smoked out effect.

I applied black liquid liner, a couple coats of mascara to both top & bottom lashes, and a set of falsies to finish off the eyes and make them look flirty.

After finishing the eyes, I used my current favorite bronzer. I wasn't overly precise with the bronzer because I just wanted to warm up the face, not contour. Then, I applied the peach blush that comes in the Shade and Blush Collection: Flushed. I applied the color mostly to the apples of the cheeks and dragged it towards the hairline lightly. The blush is already shimmery, so highlight is at your discretion. I like highlighting, so I went for it ☺ Also, be careful with this blush - it's pigmented!

For the lips, I applied a warm nude lip liner all over the lips to make sure the lip color didn't bleed. Then, I applied a liquid lip color the same color as Plasma Fusion Full Pigment Lipstick in Nudist to help it last longer. Then, I applied Nudist itself on the center of the lips to help moisturize them and for added color. This lip combo lasted a good 8 hours without needing touch-ups!

Mother's Day Makeup feat. SKINN Cosmetics by Dimitri James {MOTD} | iheartoffbeat

For a full review of all these products individually, click here. It will take you to the blog post where I talk about every product in more depth and give it a grade, depending on my experience.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you do decide to try this makeup look, make sure to tag both #skinncosmetics & #iheartoffbeat so we can see your creation!