Saturday, January 16, 2016

UD x Gwen Stefani Lipstick Samples (Mini-Reviews & Swatches)

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Hello, my pretties! ♥

When I saw there was a 4-lipstick sample pack of the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Lipstick Collection in my #UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette purchase, I just about fell off my chair! I had purposely avoided reading any reviews of the eyeshadow palette because I didn't think I was gonna get it (read that full story here). When I did and saw these puppies inside the box, I was flippin' excited! Now, it's time to share with you some of the gorgeous lipsticks from this #UDxGwen line that was just released this week. Enjoy!

The #UDxGwen Lipsticks retail for $18 each. They come in 4 different finishes: Sheer, Cream, Mega Matte and Satin. The mega matte finish is brand new to Urban Decay -- a super-intense matte that is very pigmented and lays down color with only one coat.

There are 8 lipsticks in total; however, I will only swatch the ones I received in the sample pack. I've done mini reviews to go alongside each of the sample lipsticks to let you know my thoughts on the colors, finish and formula. Let's dive right into it...


Rock Steady
Deep Red Wine
Typically, when I look for reds, I end up with the ones that have a bit of wine in them and are slightly more on the cool side. Since I have a strong yellow undertone, these are the types of reds that favor my skin color the most. And Rock Steady proves that once again! A gorgeous deep red wine that is slightly vampy but not scary, quite flattering and wears very comfortably. It has a beautiful shine without acting super glossy and applies evenly on the lips. Grade: A+

Mega Matte
Bright Red
Slightly more warm in color than 'Rock Steady' (by comparison), 714 is a beautiful true red that looks absolutely beautiful on any skin tone because it's quite neutral. Normally, I find retro or mega mattes to be really drying on the lips; however, this formula is slightly more forgiving and doesn't make your lips feel horribly dry or like your lips are being tugged on nearly as much. I really adore the color and the formula is not overly uncomfortable. This is the perfect pinup red you have been looking for! Grade: A

Nude-Rose with Pink Shimmer
What can I say? I am a sucker for nudes!! I love the fact that Ex-Girlfriend is that perfect nude that doesn't make you look dead, has the perfect amount of neutral rosiness to it and anyone can wear it. It's that nude that literally looks great on every skin color and undertone. Pure perfection! I also like that even though it's described as a sheer lipstick, it has enough color to show up and stand out without overpowering an entire makeup look. It's absolutely gorgeous! Grade: A+++

Deep Fuchsia
Dear Lord Sweet Baby Jesus! Firebird is a stunning fuchsia that is flattering on yellow skintones. CRAZY-SAUCE! I tend to really despise myself in pink lipstick. And fuchsia tends to make me look like a tired cheap hooker from the 80s *ahem* Yup. I said it. What is special about this lip color is that it has a slight red iridescence that makes it super wearable for us yellow-toned girls because it cuts through the pink. It has the perfect combination of both pink and red without being either (Say what?!). It just works! Grade: A+

Overall, I have to admit, I am pretty darn impressed with all these colors from the #UDxGwen Lipstick Collection. Honestly, I want every single one of them! I am simply obsessed with how gorgeous the colors are, how comfortable they are to wear and how beautiful the packaging is! I definitely recommend you checking them out.

Do tell...
Which color did you like best?
Are you planning on buying the #UDxGwen Lipsticks?
Which colors are you gonna buy?

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