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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! {Part III. Photo Heavy}

DISCLAIMER: These cocktail parties are not endorsed by or related to Cosmoprof.
This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

This is Part III of the "My Experience at Cosmoprof North America 2015!" series. In this last installment, I share with you all about the after-show cocktail parties and extracurricular activities we did while in Las Vegas!

This last blog post about CPNA 2015 is not as wordy as the others; however, there was still a lot to share! I hope you will be just as entertained reading this recap.


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Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015
A quick pic before
Cocktails & Colors 2015! ♥


Shine & Social 2015 happened at PRESS Lounge inside Four Seasons on Saturday, July 11, 2015. This event happened after the formal Cosmoprof VIP Reception.

Shine & Social was the "social event to kick-off the Cosmoprof festivities!". The event was hosted by Lulu Moore (Elevation Polish) and Shannon Pummill (Pahlish). There, we met up and mingled with fellow bloggers, indie nail polish makers, and vendors. It was a lot of fun!

Shine & Social 2015 | CPNA 2015

By the way, if you ever stop by PRESS Lounge, I totally recommend you try some of their menu. The food is delicious! The Salted Mini Pretzels with Stout Cheese Dipping Sauce and the Chilled Vegetable Crudités with Hummus are to die for! 

I loved that Shine & Social had a super laid-back, relaxed atmosphere.  We got to meet a bunch of new people - some had already been to CPNA & meet-ups several years in a row, whereas Linda (Beautzy) and I were there for the first time ever.  We got to chat with several polish makers and bloggers, and took pictures in a very casual setting while having drinks from the bar. It was an amazing evening and I had a lot of fun meeting everyone!

Shine & Social 2015 | CPNA 2015
Pictured Left to Right:
Linda (Beautzy), me & Jill (Glisten & Glow).

Shine & Social 2015 | CPNA 2015
Pictured Left to Right:
Linda (Beautzy), me, Courtney (Swatcher, Polish Ranger
Nail Newscast) and Rachel (Rachel Rad Nails).

I want to give a special thanks to Courtney Walker (Swatcher, Polish Ranger) & Tia Green (Iced Lacquer) - co-hosts of Nail Newscast - for the shout out on their Podcast. Make sure to check out Episode # 23 with guest host Ida Rose (Ida Nails It) where they do a really great full overview of CPNA 2015.

Also, Stephanie Merlin (Imperfectly Painted) has a great wrap-up of her whole experience during CPNA, just click here. I don't have pictures of or with her, but there's always next year ;)


Cocktails & Colors happened at Rumor Boutique Hotel on Sunday, July 12, 2015. This event happened after Day 1 of CPNA. This was definitely my favorite cocktail party!

Cocktails & Colors 2015 was the main event where indie polish companies showcased their new soon-to-be-released collections and, once again, mingle with makers, stockists and bloggers. The entire event was hosted by Sara Casey (Cupcake Polish), Jill Rehn-Craine (Glisten & Glow), Missi Barry (DIFFERENT dimension) and Linda Davis (NailVinyls).

Rumor Boutique Hotel has a super fun & modern twist to it . It was, without a doubt, a great venue. The nail polish displays were inside a small conference room. All the displays were elegantly thought-out, colorful, and very eye-catching. There was a really nice patio area next to the pool outside where we hung out for most of the evening, after checking out everyone's collections. Courtney Walker (Swatcher, Polish Ranger) was super nice and insisted on buying us a drink (I still owe you that drink and will make sure to have lash glue next time I see you, Courtney!). 

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015
On the red carpet! ♥

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015
Tia Green (Iced Lacquer & Nail Newscast)
on the left and Ida Rose (Ida Nails It)
on the right. How cute are these two?! ♥

Here are some of the indie nail polish brands that were on display that evening. I have a full-on blog post where I introduce some of them in more detail here. I will make a separate blog post showcasing all the indie nail polish brands that displayed either new, limited-edition or CPNA exclusive products. I can honestly say receiving your products was completely unexpected. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness.

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015 | Cupcake Polish | Glisten & Glow
Cupcake Polish and Glisten & Glow displays

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015 | Glisten & Glow
Glisten & Glow

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015 | Elevation Polish
Elevation Polish

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015 | DIFFERENT dimension
DIFFERENT dimension
(Image courtesy of BeautzyUsed with permission.)

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015 | Firecracker Lacquer
Firecracker Lacquer

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015 | Ninja Polish
Ninja Polish

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015 | Girly Bits Cosmetics
Girly Bits Cosmetics

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015 | Bliss Polish
Bliss Polish

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015
Drinks, crackers & cheese! ♥

Cocktails & Colors 2015 | CPNA 2015
Pictured Left to Right:
Linda (Beautzy), me, Jill (Glisten & Glow)
& Linda (NailVinyls™) photobombing us!


After Cocktails & Colors, we decided to gamble for a bit because when in Vegas, you gotta gamble a bit ;) So, we headed to Luxor Hotel & Casino to hang out for a little while...

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | New York New York & MGM Grand CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | Excalibur CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | Luxor
Click to Enlarge

I got very excited when I saw the Ellen DeGeneres slot machine because she's one of my favorite people in the whole world. One of my dreams is to go to her show. So, of course, I had to play!

Gotta tell you, though, I am not a huge gambler because luck is not exactly on my side when it comes to, I was very surprised to have won a bit of extra money that night! We went to celebrate the winnings by eating at McDonald's before heading back to the hotel for the evening...I know that's not exactly fancy, but we were tired.

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | Luxor | Ellen DeGeneres Slot Machine CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | Luxor | Ellen DeGeneres Slot Machine

Thank you, Ellen! ♥

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | Luxor | Ellen DeGeneres Slot Machine
Not bad after putting a $20 in the machine, right? ;)

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | Luxor
Inside Luxor

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | Luxor | McDonald's

TIPS & SIPS 2015

The last cocktail party I attended was the 5th Annual Tips & Sips, which happened in one of the main suites on the 60th floor at Mandalay Bay on Monday, July 13, 2015. This event happened after Day 2 of CPNA. The event was sponsored by Nail It! & NAILPRO Magazines. This is a get-together for brands, beauty & nail bloggers.

Tips & Sips 2015 | CPNA 2015 | Gabriel Cosmetics
Gabriel Cosmetics

Tips & Sips 2015 | CPNA 2015 | CUCCIO Colour & ASP Nails
CUCCIO Colour & ASP Nails

Tips & Sips 2015 | CPNA 2015 | SOLO Nails & Gel II Manicure
Gel II Manicure & SOLO One-Step Gel Polish

Tips & Sips 2015 | CPNA 2015 | The Painted Nail & Footlogix
The Painted Nail & Footlogix

Tips & Sips 2015 | CPNA 2015
Having a bit of Moscato on our last night in LV! ♥


After Tips & Sips, we were officially done with all of our engagements and ready to get some grub. We were HUN-GRY and decided to get some delicious In N Out, so we headed out to the one on the other side of Fwy 5 & Tropicana Ave. This was a delicious way to end our trip!

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | In N Out

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas | In N Out
My last selfie in Las Vegas!

Unfortunately, due to some previously arranged commitments, we were unable to attend Day 3 of CPNA 2015. After packing all our stuff the best way we could into the car, having a not-so-healthy yet yummy dinner and chilling in the hotel room to recharge, we officially headed back home. The 4½-hour drive home was painful after such a long day, but we were happy to be back in SoCal after a great weekend!

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas
All packed & ready to go. Thank you, Las Vegas!


CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas
All the business cards collected from networking.

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas
A couple of my badges.

To sum things up: We learned about many new brands, original products and upcoming trends. We got to meet and mingle with some pretty amazing people who understand and respect bloggers. We had a blast networking and creating relationships with everyone we met. I'm sure everyone went back home with so much more knowledge and more love & passion for what they do. As a makeup artist and beauty blogger, this was honestly the BEST experience I've had at a beauty convention. 

Throughout the entire trip, we had a few of hiccups along the way (mostly caused by me, to be honest). By the end of the trip, I was exhausted from all the going back & forth between the show, our hotel room and whatever event we had in our schedule for the day. Plus, the lack of sleep from the drive back home didn't help much the next couple of days...but, overall, the entire experience at CPNA 2015 was an amazing one and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

CPNA 2015 | Viva Las Vegas
My work desk after the crazy weekend!

As a last note, I would like to say...


• to everyone at Cosmoprof North America 2015 who made this trip possible
• to Linda (Beautzy) for being my trip buddy
• to all the brands, both mainstream & indie, for your generosity
(time, conversation, product-sharing or sample-gifting)
• to all the makers, stockists and bloggers for being so kind & all-around awesome
• to my boyfriend for allowing me to take this business trip
• to our boys for not giving daddy a massive heart attack while I was gone

 I just want to let you all know that this entire experience was awesome
& you are very much appreciated!

Cosmoprof North America, Las Vegas 2016

Now, let's hope I get to experience