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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! {Part II. Photo Heavy.}

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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

Hello, my pretties! ♥

This is Part II of the "My Experience at Cosmoprof North America 2015!" series. If you would like to continue the journey with me into what Cosmoprof North America is like, scroll down to read what the rest of the awesome CPNA experience was about. This 2nd part isn't nearly as long as the last one, but I still suggest getting a drink...


For Part I & Part III of My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015,
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SPECIAL NOTE: I was also invited to attend cocktail and product release parties to mingle with some amazing indie brand creators as well as other incredible bloggers. For anything in relationship with cocktail parties that I attended that are not part of the Cosmoprof brand, I will do a separate blog post where I will talk about them in detail.

Also, I would like to point out that I had to split the entire CPNA experience into a 3-part editorial because there was just too much material to fit into only one blog post.

* DAY 3 *
COSMOPROF North America - Day 2


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | Eye Kandy Cosmetics
Eye Kandy Cosmetics glitter display

Eye Kandy Cosmetics is a company started by two sisters that just loved glitter. What sets their glitter apart from every other glitter we know & love? It's cosmetic-grade glitter that can be used in any part of your body, including your eyelids. It comes in 3 different sizes: Superfine (SF), Fine (F) and Sugar. Superfine is great to be used as eyeliner because it's very tiny in size. Fine is slightly bigger in size and the most reflective. Lastly, Sugar is the biggest that can be used on the eye area as eyeshadow and also great to be used on other areas of the face and body.

This brand of glitter is also very popular due to their Liquid Sugar - a very unique water-based sealer that helps the glitter bond with your skin and stay in place until you remove it. My favorite part about this product is that is safe for sensitive skin as well as contact lens wearers.

I met the owners of the company and had a bit of glitter placed on top of my eyeliner to add some sparkle to my makeup look. The color I chose was "Honey Drop" (SF), which is a beautiful muted champagne gold. To be quite honest, it felt a bit weird because I am not used to wearing glitter on my eyelids; however, it looked very pretty and it was comfortable to wear. It's not an everyday-type-of-makeup-product, in my opinion, but definitely fun for a night out and a must for performers!

I took a sample of "Honey Drop" to test out at home and review later. Eye Kandy Cosmetics also has a range of eyeshadow pots for sale. I did not swatch/test them or take any samples with me. But I gotta admit, I already have my eyes on another glitter: "Confetti" (SF) - a very pretty holographic silver. Eye Kandy Cosmetics is a super fun product!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Selfie during lunch time showcasing Eye Kandy
Cosmetics "Honey Drop" Superfine Glitter.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Eylure Lashes by Vegas Nay Collection

Eylure is one of the most well-known false eyelash companies in the world. The brand is based in the UK and was created back in 1947 by two brothers, David & Eric Aylott. They saw the need for eyelash enhancement in the cosmetic industry, so they created their brand of lashes.

The entire range of lashes goes from very fine and natural-looking to super dramatic and full. Currently, they have a partnership going with Naomi Giannopoulos (better known as Vegas Nay all over social media) where she has her own collection of lashes through Eylure.

I really love the fantastic quality of Eylure and the amazing range of lashes they carry. Also, I adore the fact that this brand is readily available at my local Target or ULTA. If I ever am in a bind and need to get a good pair of lashes for myself or a client, I can just head over there knowing I will find Eylure lashes. I totally recommend this brand!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | ittse

If you follow me around social media, you know I have been talking about this brand non-stop: ittsē.

ittsē is the makeup brand I am most excited about from CPNA 2015. When I tell you ittsē's creator, Gretchen Chevalier, thought about everything, I really mean...everything! From beautiful packaging, to quality makeup, to a fun concept, to a super cute website - this is definitely a brand to watch out for in the future!

There was nothing I could possibly pick on that she didn't think about. Seriously. Every part of this brand is luxurious but not unattainable, young but not childish, flirty but not over-the-top. ittsē is not just well-thought out, it's also well-executed. There are plenty of other brands that give you the option to customize your own makeup, but this brand takes the same spin and brings it to a whole new level of greatness. ittsē, which is also the name of the girl drawn all over the brand, is editorial, fresh and recognizable. Above all, she's iconic. 

I was fortunate enough to have been given one of their Curated Collections to try out -- "The Soft & Sultry Collection". It's a beautiful blend of soft warm tones and deep cool tones that create the perfect balance. This particular palette can be used for everyday simple looks as well as more sophisticated sultry looks. I have been playing with it and, so far, I am impressed! I plan to do a full review of ittsē on my blog as well as a few makeup looks with this palette on my YouTube channel. Stay tuned! ♥

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Gretchen Chevalier, creator of ittsē.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | Skinn Cosmetics My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
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When I read about Dimitri James' philosophy on skincare, I knew we had to visit the Skinn Cosmetics booth. And when I talked to him about it in person, I knew I had to share his brand with you guys...

The whole concept behind Skinn Cosmetics is that instead of investing a bunch of money on packaging and advertising (as many high-end cosmetics companies do), they invest into the actual product inside the jar that you put on your skin. Celebrity endorsements & expensive packaging are out the window and, instead, Dimitri spends his time creating innovative products for your skin.

As of right now, Skinn Cosmetics is sold on their website as well as TVSN (channel 176 on FOXTEL, AUSTAR or OPTUS in Australia), EVINE Live (Dish Network channel 316 & 228 in USA) and The Shopping Channel (Bell ExpressVu channel 660, Star Choice channel 392, among others in Canada).

I'm definitely excited to try out a couple of the little samples I was given and keep you guys in the loop!


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | Emani Cosmetics

EMANI Cosmetics is a company created by Michelle Doan. Michelle is a fashion designer turned beauty mogul, who suffered from cystic acne during her teenage years and well into her adulthood. After trying several skincare and makeup solutions, she researched endlessly until she decided to create her own 100% Vegan & Organic-certified makeup line.

Each and every product EMANI Cosmetics releases is tested for toxicity, sensitivity, performance and length of wear. Also, they check for comedogenic components in their ingredients. There are no petrochemicals, artificial dyes, parabens or fillers in their line, so you can feel sure you're putting great ingredients on your skin. 

I tested several of their products and I have to tell you - I was in awe of the great pigmentation as well as soft and light feel of their entire products. It's truly professional grade makeup that is good for your skin because it's all-natural and organic. 

I didn't take any samples home; however, I do plan on investing on some of EMANI Cosmetics' new products that just launched during CPNA 2015: Perfect 10 Primer Serum, Invisible Matte Finishing Powder and GOLD Standard Crème Foundation. Once I purchase them and test out on myself and clients, I plan on doing a full review of their line here on my blog. Stay tuned for that too! ♥

 My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | Ofra Cosmetics My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
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From their website:

"With 20 years of manufacturing experience, OFRA Cosmetics – led by Ofra and David Gaito – has distinguished itself as an innovator within the beauty industry. By formulating and producing exclusive skin care and makeup products in-house, OFRA does everything from product creation to testing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.
From beginning to end, only the finest ingredients found in nature are used such as:
  • Plant, marine, and vegetable extracts
  • Peptides
  • Lady's Mantle
  • Retinol specializations
  • Argerline (peptides from amino acids)
  • Vegetable Growth Hormone
  • Vitamin C
  • Glycolic and Lactic Acids
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Some organic compounds
  • Other natural, anti-aging, skin repairing ingredients
Along with supplying products to 23 countries, including the United States, OFRA continues to anticipate the latest international makeup and skincare trends and advance the beauty industry from within." 


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Right before leaving the floor show... Had to take a selfie! ;)

These were all the exhibitors we visited this time around. I had a great time at Cosmoprof North America 2015 and hope to be invited once again next year to see more companies, product releases and new trends to share with you guys! ♥

I sincerely hope you enjoyed my recap of CPNA 2015 and definitely hope to be back in Las Vegas for Cosmoprof North America 2016! (dates below).

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2016

The series isn't over, however. I still have one more installment coming up about after-show cocktail parties I attended, mingled with indie brand makers and fellow bloggers, and got to experience indie nail polish brands.

Until next time...