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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! {Part I. Photo Heavy.}

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My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

Hello, my pretties! ♥

Last weekend, I was fortunate to have been invited to attend Cosmoprof North America 2015 in Las Vegas, NV as a member of the press. Originally, I was very nervous because this is a business-to-business trade show where all sorts of new trends and innovative products are released and, because of that, a more professional environment and behavior is expected on the floor. It's definitely more formal than other trade shows I've attended before, but very exciting nonetheless. If you'd like a glimpse into what Cosmoprof North America is like, I invite you to grab a snack (you're in for a long one...) and to scroll down & read what the entire experience was about.


For Part II & Part III of My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015,
please click on the respective links provided here. Thank you!

SPECIAL NOTE: I was also invited to attend cocktail and product release parties to mingle with some amazing indie brand creators as well as other incredible bloggers. In this particular blog post, I will exclusively talk about Cosmoprof North America 2015-related events. For anything in relationship with cocktail parties that I attended that are not part of the Cosmoprof brand, I will do a separate blog post where I will talk about them in detail.

Also, I would like to point out that I had to split the entire CPNA experience into a 3-part editorial because there was just too much material to fit into only one blog post.

* DAY 1 *
Arrival in Las Vegas

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
All packed & ready to go!

My friend Linda, owner of Beautzy, and I met halfway in Ontario, CA to drive together to Las Vegas. From there, it was about a 3½ hours drive to our hotel. I felt as though I packed more than I needed to but, turns out, the over-packing worked out in my favor. We were running around so much & sweating in Las Vegas Summer heat that I used practically every single article of clothing I had in my suitcase!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
On our way to Viva Las Vegas!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
We made it!

Cosmoprof North America took place at Mandalay Bay located on South Las Vegas Blvd. We started the whole CPNA experience on Saturday afternoon as we strolled around through the resort to get to the opening cocktail party. I love Las Vegas! It's always so full of life and things to do...and there is always something new to see and experience. This time around we were not there to party it up but it was still an amazing time.

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!


The first event we attended was the Cosmoprof VIP Opening Reception, which happened at the Convention Center inside Mandalay Bay. We hung out for a little bit trying to figure out what was the best course of action to take since we didn't know anyone. Luckily, other bloggers in attendance asked us to join them. Thank goodness! We were starting to look like total creeps just hiding in a corner...

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Gotta have the chard... ;)

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Ready for Vogue ♥ Not really...

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

After mingling some more, we decided to head downstairs for our next cocktail party... 
(The Cosmoprof VIP Reception is the only exception about cocktail parties mentioned
in this blog post because it is related to Cosmoprof.)

* DAY 2 *
COSMOPROF North America - Day 1

This was our official first day at the trade show. It's the biggest trade show I've ever attended. There were 1019 exhibitors from 40 different countries!

On my way to CPNA 2015 - Day 1

The place was filled with anything and everything you could possibly think in relationship to beauty -- spa, hair, makeup, nails, packaging, manufacturing, etc. There was so much to see you didn't know where to turn. Everywhere there was something new & innovative waiting for you to look at.

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Display case of different beauty exhibitors.

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Samples from various brands.

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
When there's good lighting, you gotta take a selfie...

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Press Room

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
One of the main entrances to Cosmoprof.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | Kryolan

One of my most favorite makeup brands is KRYOLAN. Every single item in their collections - whether it's SFX or beauty - is always at the cutting edge of professional makeup and, of course, excellent quality. We were given a small 3-pan palette to fill with some of their products to test out. I got a cream foundation, a dry/wet eyeshadow & a regular eyeshadow. 

The KRYOLAN booth was very colorful yet professional. There was plenty of imagery from their head makeup artists on display for your eyes to feast on. All the images were true works of art.

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

KRYOLAN just came out with NEBULA - a new permanent silicone-based airbrush collection for contouring, iridescence, color, and brows. It was just released at IMATS London last week. If you're in the market for airbrush products, I definitely recommend you check these out! The color range is outstanding and, as always, you can expect wonderful quality out of KRYOLAN products.

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | Kryolan Nebula My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Click to Enlarge


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | Peter Lamas
Peter Lamas & his beauty line

Peter Lamas is the magician behind many celebrities' luscious locks, including Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O (just to name a couple). He has trained personally with Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell, masters of coiffure. He is not only passionate about hair and beauty, but also about health. After some life experiences, he realized how chemicals that we use on our hair & skin can prove hazardous to our health. So, Peter Lamas created a line of beauty products that are safe and natural.

Peter Lamas Beauty is a line of haircare, skincare and bodycare that provides clinical stunning results without chemicals. His entire beauty line is free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals or animal byproducts. Every single item in his line is formulated with herbs, vitamins, botanicals and are 100% vegan.

I must tell you that Peter is a charming gentleman with lots of stories to tell. It was a true pleasure speaking with him and learning how he started the brand and what his vision is. Also, I want to share with you that every single item in Peter Lamas Beauty smells and feels amazing! Above all, I love that these products are not just good for you but also worry-free because you're not putting a bunch of dangerous chemicals on your hair or skin.

I took some samples home with me to test out & I cannot wait to play with them!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Discover Beauty area

The Discover Beauty section features a lineup of already-established brands that are popular overseas but are not yet available in the U.S. market. All these brands are considered "brands to watch" at this year's show.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | LightStim

LightStim is a LED light therapy that emits and delivers UV-free light rays that stimulate the body's natural process to regenerate cells and create proteins. Depending on the LightStim you choose, they each produce different wavelengths of light that, when applied to the skin, assist in collagen and elastin production, speed the healing process, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria. There are 3 LightStim to choose from: for Wrinkles, for Pain and for Acne. This product is FDA approved.

I thought LightStim was a very interesting concept and something I would really like to try out on myself. Light therapy has been in use for quite some time now and has proven effective in several medical areas. I'm particularly excited about LightStim for Wrinkles (let's face it... I'm not getting any younger) and for Pain (I have really bad lower back pain after my pregnancies & c-sections). I was fortunate enough to have been given all three of these light stimulators for testing & review. I cannot wait to try them out and report back to you guys! ♥


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | Hey Honey

Hey Honey is the vision of Katerina Yoffe-Larden. She was a wife, mother, and busy working woman with a career in digital advertising with little to no time to stick to a skin care regimen that took a bunch of steps. Instead, with the help of her husband and business partner, Nisso Larden, and the best dermatologists in the industry, she created a simple skin care regimen "that adapted to HER lifestyle instead of the other way around".

Hey Honey's foundation is Propolis. Propolis is the resinous mixture that honey bees use as sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive as well as reinforcement for its structural stability. Bees also use it to prevent diseases and parasites from entering the hive, to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth and to seal an outsider's carcass to mummify it. Propolis has been used for generations because of its antiseptic, antimicrobial, antifungal, immunomodulatory, and antioxidant properties. It has also been clinically proven that it protects against oral disease and it's currently undergoing studies to see if it can assist cells in cancer resistance.

I talked with Katerina and was very pleased to learn about her brand and see how passionate she is about Hey Honey. Her products have taken the beauty industry by storm in the past couple of months. Hey Honey has already been featured on Essence, Latina, Nail Pro, NYLON and New Beauty magazines as well as KTLA5 in Los Angeles and FOX News. She gave me some samples to try out & I'm very excited to! I will keep you guys posted with my impressions of this brand.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

100% Pure is the winner of the first ever Beauty Pitch. Beauty Pitch is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to present your beauty company in front of an expert panel to gain potential investors. 100% Pure won the Grand Prize + a 1-year mentorship with Mark Cuban.

I met Susie Wang, founder, by complete accident on the lunch line inside the Press Room. Susie, a very nice & soft-spoken lady, asked me if I had stopped by her booth and when I said "No", she proceeded to invite me to check it out. We chatted while we were in line and I learned they have several stores and their brand is growing a lot. I promised I would stop by her booth later that day and, during lunch, I did a bit of research on her brand. Needless to say, I was impressed by it. What impressed me the most is that 100% Pure's products are all natural, organic, vegan, and all fruit-dyed.

Not only does 100% Pure have the highest and healthiest quality ingredients, they also believe in a healthy environment - 100% Pure's corporate offices are run by 100% solar energy, the company is 100% electric, and every single one of their biodegradable formulas is packaged inside post-consumer recycled plastic, glass, and soda cans. Plus, they print with biodegradable non-toxic vegetable ink. 100% Pure is also charitable towards our furry friends as well as other types of foundations. Also, their growth is primarily attributed to word-of-mouth and not traditional marketing strategies. Impressive, right?!

I have not tried any of their products, though, I was provided with a couple of small samples. Since I now know 100% Pure has several stores in Southern California, I'll be stopping by to check them out.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! | The Knot Dr.

The Knot Dr. is a paddle brush that has 240 bristles, which allow for maximum coverage of the scalp and helps detangle hair in a much easier way. It's the perfect brush for people with sensitive scalp or who have very thin hair. Read a small review of this product I did on my Instagram by clicking here.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Got some goodies to try out...

Pictured above:
Dermovia Lace Your Face Calming Chamomile
clariSEA Sea Salt Solutions Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant
Royal Apothic Hand Creme
bonita Cosmetics Velvet Lip Cream in Nude Indulgence
and Thymes Fragrance Cologne Rollerball in Mirabelle Plum.

BOUTIQUE by COSMOPROF is a sampling bar showcasing premium deluxe-sized samples from 20 different brands. Attendees can select 7 samples to create their own personalized box. There was a $10 optional donation that went to CITY OF HOPE for diabetes research and treatment.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!

From their website:

"Tony Moly is a super cute brand of cosmetics that originated back in 2009 back in South Korea. They have 200 stores worldwide in over 20 different countries."


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Click to Enlarge

From their website:

"Though Doucce was born in New York, it’s name was inspired by the French word “douce”, which means new and elegant. With a touch of French luxury and upscale New York fashion, Doucce provides a sense of youth and luxury that’s untouched.

Doucce Cosmetics strives to be the international brand for the international beauty. Doucce has tailored its products to be the choice of women wherever they may be. From the American jetsetter, to the bubbly Australian, to the exotic Brazilian, and all women across the world who aspire to achieve the universal and cosmopolitan look. So join us as we welcome this new era of youth and luxury, and set forth to discover your individuality."


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Click to Enlarge

Serenity Cosmetics is a well-established French cosmetics line developed by Judicaëlle Darboux that wants to breakthrough in the U.S. market. Serenity Cosmetics main goal is to bring women's natural beauty forward by delivering high-quality, safe and effective skincare. They have partnered up with a French laboratory to ensure that all their products are made in France. Their products are formulated with a combination of licorice root, wheat and Chilean tree bark. They also contain hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and glycerin.


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
With none other than the ever-fabulous Tish! ♥

Manic Panic, the industry leader in alternative hair coloring + cosmetics company. I'm sure you have seen them pretty much all over the place (Sally's Beauty Supply, Hot Topic, beauty salons all over the world...). I stopped by their booth to check it out and see what new colors, products & trends they have at the moment. While I was checking out their products, Tish came into the booth. She was super nice & asked if I wanted to take a photo with her. It was a no-brainer! I love Manic Panic products and she was incredibly sweet. She totally made my day! ♥


My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015! My Experience at COSMOPROF North America 2015!
Click to Enlarge

From their website:

At ISO Beauty, we believe that your hair is part of your self-expression that communicated something unique about who you are and your mood. We provide innovative hair styling tools and tips to give women of all ages the confidence to express themselves. We embrace change, versatility, and style.

We provide hair styling products from the latest technology to keep hair healthy and vibrant. Our luxury ionic straightener can be used on all types of hair and is made to create different styles such as straight, wave and curl styles."

This was the end of my 1st day at Cosmoprof North America. Afterwards, we attended yet another cocktail party and had some fun gambling a little bit (click here to find out more)...To be quite honest, I was so beat up by the end of the evening that I was more interested in pouring myself into bed than partying. Las Vegas heat sure knows how to suck up all the energy out of your body, let me tell you...

Please, stay tuned for the remaining two articles that talk about my experience at Cosmoprof North America 2015. I truly hope you are enjoying this Cosmoprof series so far There is still a bunch more stuff to talk about! 

Until next time...