Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Glamorganic Goddess Beauty Kit {Individual Product Reviews} [Part II]

DISCLAIMER: I received this kit, courtesy of Acure Organics & Glamorganic Goddess,
for use & review in conjunction with this blog post. All opinions are my own.

Hello, my pretties! ♥

In my last blog post, I talked to you guys about the Glamorganic Goddess Beauty Kit and what a great cause it supports. After trying each individual product out for about a week to get a better idea of what was included in the box, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on them one by one. Enjoy!

Glamorganic Goddess Beauty Kit {Individual Product Reviews}

Facial Cleansing Gel (4 oz.) $9.99 → "This gentle cleanser works on two levels - it washes away dirty and oil as well as removes makeup to leave your skin radiant and refreshed. An antioxidant dense cleansing complex that maintains your skin's natural acid mantle, activates new cell growth and helps you look younger and better. Fair Trade Organic Olive Oil and Organic Chlorella Growth Factor provide the ultimate cell boosting blend. Wash away those worries (and worry lines)!

Let me start by saying this smells delicious! This cleansing gel lathers up nicely -- removes all makeup excess without making skin feel dry or tight. It makes my skin feel super refreshed and looks radiant afterwards. Right now I'm using the small sample size included in the box, but I plan on purchasing the full size, so I'm able to use it in the morning too. Definitely recommend it!

Brightening Facial Scrub (4 oz.) $9.99 → "'Seas' the day with natural exfoliation from the ocean! Organic Sea Kelp gently exfoliates your skin while French Green Clay and Organic Lemon Peel remove impurities from your pores. Organic Chlorella Growth Factor and Argan Stem Cells help stimulate new cell growth while providing a deep cleansing, brightening experience. 'Sea' the difference today!"

I like scrubs that I can actually feel on my face & this is actually a great one! The scrubbies are very tiny but still noticeable. Even though you feel the scrubbies on your face, they are not abrasive or make your skin hurt like others I've tried. Your skin feels nicely exfoliated and soft after using this product. I had a rather large pimple on my chin when I started using these products and after only 2 days, it cleared up! I noticed my skin looks super brightened after using this product at night and before bed.

Facial Toner (2 fl. oz.) $12.99 → "Restore balance and tone. This alcohol-free certified organic toner utilizes organic witch hazel to purify, organic vegetable glycerin to moisturize, and organic rose and chamomile to soothe, calm and restore the skin's natural acid mantle - the skin's own protective layer. Get toned!"

I love how lightweight this toner is. I love spraying it directly on my face and just rubbing it in with my hands. My skin feels evened out and hydrated after using this product. It's doesn't dry you out, like other toners I have tried. There is a bit of tightness once this particular toner dries on your skin, but it's not uncomfortable. I use this right after washing my face and before my argan oil and moisturizer.

Moroccan Argan Oil (1 oz.)$12.99 → "100% Certified Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan Oil)"

OK, let me start by saying I'm not a fan argan oil scent. That goes for any brand I have tried; however, the power of hydration is insane! Whenever my skin feels super dry, I apply ½ a pump of argan oil directly onto whatever part of my body needs moisturization and, voilà, problem solved. It hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling nourished. This particular type of oil can feel a bit greasy if you apply too much, so just reduce the amount you use. Other than that, Moroccan Argan Oil is a fabulous product to add into your beauty routine.

Night Cream* (1.75 oz.) $17.99 → "Nature's nocturnal miracle! Age-fighting Argan Stem Cells, shown to help the skin's natural repair process, firm and moisturize while 2% Chlorella Growth Factor fortifies collagen and elastin fibers. Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil seals the deal, truly making this nature's own skin rejuvenation system."

This night cream smells like a dream! It's not as thick as other night creams I have used; however, it does feel thicker than daytime moisturizers. Also, other night creams can leave your face feeling slightly sticky, but this night cream doesn't do that. It nourishes and makes skin feel super hydrated but not oily. Perfect to restore and fortify your skin after a long day. As of right now, I only have a small sample size but seriously considering purchasing the full size. It's that good!

Unscented Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes (30 count) $6.99 → "Be gorgeous on-the-go! Gently remove makeup, dirt, sweat, environmental toxins, and that mustard from the corner of your mouth. No splashy rinsing necessary."

These cleansing towelettes remove everything without having to tug at your skin or get more products out, except for my waterproof mascara. I still use olive oil on a cotton round to remove my waterproof mascara, but these towelettes definitely help removing everything else. They are really helpful on lazy nights when you barely have any energy left or on sick days when all you wanna do is pass out on your bed...

Lip Lush* in Birthday Suit (0.5 oz.) $7.99 → "Luscious, lip smacking gloss with sheer color and attitude. Agatha von Birthday Suit doesn't need a bunch of shmancy colors to show her true beauty. Argan oil, Echinacea + Edelweiss Stem Cells help plump and protect."

I like what this lip product does for my lips - leaves them feeling soft and hydrated, however, I do not like the scent of this product! (kind of smells like bananas to me - not a fan) ...and the texture feels a too oily & slippery. It also has a weird taste to it that I am not fond, instead of applying it directly from the tube, I control the amount by applying it on my index finger first and then onto my lips. It works perfectly fine, just the scent of this particular shade...Not sure if other colors have a different smell...

I hope you found these mini reviews helpful and that you will consider purchasing one of these boxes. Make sure to check out the Glamorganic Goddess Beauty Kit. Just click on the link HERE for more information.

I send you all tons of love & light!

Until next time...

*NOTE: Products may vary depending on availability.
I received a Night Cream & Lip Lush in Birthday Suit
as substitutes for these 2 products.