Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Color Vibe 5K - Coachella {Photos & Tips}

*** Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

The Color Vibe 5K - Coachella

Hello, my pretties! ♥

Last weekend, our little family and our close friends - The Flores' - did The Color Vibe 5K, Coachella. The event happened at Lake Cahuilla in La Quinta, CA. Check out #colorvibecoachella to see more images from the event. Clearly, everyone had a BLAST!

If you follow my fitness Instagram account (@lizzyloseslbs), you know I have been trying to be a little more conscientious about our health. Hence, the reason for us doing this run. Originally, I was really scared that I would be dying at the end of it, and even thought about getting this t-shirt:

...Luckily, that didn't happen and we managed to get to the end walking perfectly fine. We turned it into a family event with the kids, so there was only a bit of running involved (what the little ones could handle only). Even so, it was really fun going outdoors, enjoying the great weather and spending time with loved ones.

Let me share some images from the run and some tips if you do decide to attend. Enjoy! ☺

1st wave of runners ready to begin

Lake Cahuilla

My loves ♥

Almost to the finish line. We can see it!


The Flores

Let's just say they did enjoy it a lot ♥

With my little ♥

We did it!


1. Wear white tops.
All the colors thrown at you will show up more vibrant.

2. Bring some snacks.
5K is not a lot for an adult, but it is for the little ones. Make sure to bring them something to munch on.

3. Bring water.
They will give you a small cup of water halfway down the race and bottles at the end, but nothing during the actual race.

4. Bring old towels.
Leave them in the trunk of your car. You can either use them to dust yourself or to sit on inside the car.

5. Wear sunglasses.
You don't want any of that dust in your eyes.

6. Have fun!
This is mandatory

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, you found the tips helpful, and it gave you a pretty good idea of what The Color Vibe 5K is about.

Until next time...