Saturday, April 19, 2014

Inspiration :: Dreams Come True!

Before I start, I need to warn you: This particular post might end up being all over the place. That is usually what happens when I write stuff like this. Not only that, but the way things are coming back into memory need to be recorded by the date they happened so that it all makes sense in the end for you... Thank you ☺

A few months back, I talked a bit about my internal struggles with depression and some things that I simply could not get over (if you want to watch that video before continuing this read, click HERE). I didn't get into too much detail because it's a very personal matter. Some time in the future I'll talk about it more openly. I am just not ready yet. I am still working on myself every day...

This blog post is not just  about those struggles. It's actually about how I have (slowly) overcome my demons and how a single person (completely unbeknownst to him) has single-handedly helped me get out of the mud to (again, slowly) finally come to terms with my past and look forward to a future with dreams. It sounds very  weird, I know, but I promise you'll have an "a-ha!" moment in the end ☺ Here comes the timeline...

2001 -  On my birthday, I was roaming around the aisles of Barnes & Noble with my then roomate, Brian. I encountered Kevyn Aucoin's Making Faces and my little world turned upside down. I had never  seen anyone create such transformations! That's the day I fell deeply in love with makeup.

2008 - I suffer from insomnia and in the wee hours of the night, I discovered Petrilude on YouTube. He taught me about makeup: how to apply it, how to play with it, how to appreciate it, to not  be afraid of it...but above all, that makeup washes right off and you get to become someone else the very next day...

2009 - Roaming around in Riverside CA, I came across the November 2009 catalog for Nordstrom that featured a beautiful redhead with pinup hair & makeup. I was mesmerized by her. I ran my fingers through every single page of that catalog trying to figure out who was the makeup artist who so beautifully enhanced her natural beauty. No luck. Still, I brought the catalog home with me. Every single time I would look at it, I would wonder who the magician behind the model was...

2014 - Looking through my feed, I saw this image on Stephen Dimmick's Instagram:

Nordstrom catalog, November 2009.

My eyes got wide. Then, I teared up. You might think it's silly, but I don't. The thing is: I have looked up to this makeup artist for the past 5 years without even knowing his name and only admiring his work. I finally  had an answer to my question: The artist's name is Stephen Dimmick!

My copy ♥

Oh wait...But I haven't told you the best part yet: I have met Stephen Dimmick. You see...I was a student at April Love Pro Makeup Academy this past year and I was fortunate enough to be in one of his classes. He is a breath of fresh air in a tough business where cattiness & arrogance are almost expected. He comes in with his wonderful, soulful, peaceful, loving presence and let's you be YOU.

He untangled all the jumbled thoughts in my head for my Final Look and didn't judge me or wanted to impose his ideas on "how it should be done". Instead, he guided me and calmed me down. I didn't win the competition, but I didn't need to. I was proud of my work and I was happy I met him. 

After the course was over, I started watching his videos on and taken into account every single piece of advice he gives through the computer screen. I have applied every single piece of counsel into my life and I have (very slowly) released some of the anger, some of the sadness, some of the negativity, some of the doubt, some of that guilt that would press so hard on my chest every second of every day...I have started to come out of my cocoon once again ☺

Mr. Dimmick doesn't know it. He probably doesn't remember me. He probably doesn't even remember I exist. But, that's OK. I know he exists!  Because all this time I was looking up to a ghost and now that I know who the ghost is, I couldn't be happier to know it's him!  And it's because of his advice and kind words that I have been able to work on myself to get back to the happy person that I was. I still have tough days, but they are not as common as before. Life is never easy, but it's not as hard as it used to be.

I have 2 new dreams: To learn from Stephen Dimmick, to work with him, to follow in his footsteps, to be as loved and as respected as he is as a human being and as a makeup artist. Above all, I want to be able to be myself again, so I can do all those things with confidence.

My point to this whole thing is: NEVER GIVE UP ON A DREAM. To all of you, this might be the silliest  story ever. But my dream came true and I didn't even know it! I find it stupid that, as I am typing this, I am tearing up again. Because, it's possible. Dreams DO come true. All you have to do is have faith, not steer from what you want, not lose your center, work hard, and give it all you got. ♥

*** Special Note: All mentions of Stephen Dimmick contain different links to his different websites and social media outlets for you to enjoy his beautiful work