Friday, March 14, 2014

Review :: IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette

Hi everyone!

Although I am a makeup hoarder collector, I don't have many palettes. I know you're all making a "yeah, right!" face right now but... I'm serious! I have very few full palettes in my collection. I'm not easily impressed with makeup palettes or will buy 'just because'... But, when I saw the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Palette, I had to get my hands on it!

For Christmas, I got an Ulta Gift card. I seriously traveled to four different Ulta stores looking for it and none of them had it. Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and pay for shipping since has the Naturally Pretty Palette available online. Ever since I received it, let me tell you, I have not been able to stop myself from using it!

Lately, all sorts of companies (such as LORAC and Smashbox, just to name a couple) have come out with ½ matte, ½ shimmer palettes. I think that's a great idea; however, I was on the lookout for a matte only palette. The makeup gods heard my matte-palette-lovin' prayers and the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Palette was created. 

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IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette open

Company claims, "A true beauty breakthrough! Contains 14 luxe anti-aging silk-infused eye shadows that are all matte, but can transform into pearl shades instantly with the tap of a brush! Using our proprietary pearl transforming shade included in the palette, you can take the matte shades to a soft pearl with a simple swipe! Includes Hydrating Age Reverse and Prevent Complex and is infused with Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Silk, Anti-Oxidants, and Drops of Light™ Technology. Paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free."

Price point?
This palette normally retails for $42. This makes the 14 single matte eyeshadows about $2.80 each and the pearly one about $5.60, considering it's double in size.

Where can you find it?
You can buy this palette on the IT Cosmetics website, at your local Ulta store, at, and on QVC or

***Special Note: I want to point out that when I was looking for them at Ulta, the manager of the last one I went to said IT Cosmetics would not be available in stores until end of March. I haven't gone back to reiterate this information but, if you know for sure, please feel free to comment below and I'll edit this post.
Also, I noticed on the QVC website that, although the product is available for purchase, it's currently on 'waitlist availability only'. It does not specify when the product will be back in stock.

Case front

Case back
How is the packaging?
I really love the packaging for this palette! The case is made of velvet-like material and feels pillowy when you touch it. The lid closes with a magnetic snap. It's nice, sturdy, and feels luxurious to the touch. The palette is compact and lightweight, which is great for travel because it doesn't take up a lot of space or weigh down your makeup bag.

What does this palette include?
This palette includes a total of 15 eyeshadows: 14 matte and 1 pearl, which is used to transform all the other colors.

What colors does it include?
Top Row: (All Matte)

Sheer Joy - Bone/Cream
Soft Light - Light Taupe
Warmth - Soft Camel
Soulful - Medium Warm Brown
Mocha - Medium Taupe-Brown
Violet - Medium Lavender
Midnight - True Navy Blue
Noir - Black

Bottom Row: (6 Mattes, 1 Pearl)

Love - Soft Peach
Sunrise - Caramel Brown
Sunset - Medium Copper
All Heart - True Mauve
Java - Chocolate Brown
Iconic -  Dusty Deep Lavender
Transforming Pearl - Pearlescent Off-White

Swatches of all the colors.
With Flash. No Primer.

How is the finish & texture?
You get 14 matte eyeshadows and a pearlescent one. I like how they were setup on the palette - the 8 colors on left are soft and perfect for daytime and the 6 colors on right (excluding Transforming Pearl) are great colors to add depth or perfect for a matte smokey eye.

The Naturally Pretty Palette is super pigmented and the eyeshadows are true to color. That's the one thing that surprised me the most - I am used to seeing matte colors not come off overly pigmented or, if they are pigmented, they tend to be very chalky and have a lot of fallout. Not these! They are buttery soft and all the colors blend together like a dream! There has not been one combination of colors that I have tried that been disappointing or difficult to blend.

The Transforming Pearl blends well with the other colors to give them a more pearlescent texture and look. I love pairing it up with 'Sheer Joy' and 'Love' to create a light-reflecting texture on my lid; however, as much as I love it, I think the palette would've been perfectly fine without it.

Are there any cons?
The Transforming Pearl eyeshadow tends to wash the colors out a little too much when applied and somehow the concept seems a bit gimmicky. Although it's a nice addition, the Transforming Pearl could've been taken off completely from the palette and it would have been OK. The Naturally Pretty palette is being marketed as a matte palette and it should've stayed as such. There was no need to add "something" to transform the rest of the colors into shimmers - there's plenty of other palettes in the market that could've been overlayed just fine to create the same or better effect.

As much as I love the velvety texture of the case, it can look dirty very quickly. The lettering in the front and spine of the palette seems to come off fairly easily because of the case material as well. I think if the material was more leather-like, the stickers wouldn't come off as easy. Lastly, the sticker in the back looks kind of slapped on. 

Even though the packaging, I feel, does need a bit of improvement, it doesn't take away from the amazing quality of the eyeshadows inside.

What are your overall thoughts?

I have to admit: I am IN LOVE with this palette! I cannot stop using it and truly adore the colors, the pigmentation, the blendability. It became one of my favorite palettes since the first try.

Now that I am a bit older, I am trying to stay away from shimmery and glittery eyeshadow. I still love them and will rock them for a special events or a romantic night out; however, I feel that the older I get, the more I want to stick to mattes. They look a little more polished and elegant on older skin and this palette makes every single eye look seem expensive and luxurious. I absolutely recommend the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Palette to anyone out there looking for a good neutral and matte eyeshadow palette.

I hope you found this review helpful and that you all are happy, healthy, and doing very well!
I send you all tons of love and light...

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