Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review :: BH Cosmetics 10-Piece Pop Art Brush Set

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About a week ago, I reviewed the Crown Brush Elite Infinity Brush Set with Deluxe Travel Case, but I know some of you are looking for a lower cost alternative that will still provide you with great quality brushes. This is where this blog post comes in: the BH Cosmetics 10-Piece Pop Art Brush Set is a great quality set at a great price!

Image courtesy of bhcosmetics.com

Company claims, "Cute and convenient, this 10 pcs Pop Art Brush Set comes in a durable striped container with snap closer for easy travel. Convertible into a brush caddy that looks great on your bathroom counter or dressing table, this set is packed full of super soft complexion and eye brushes with neon-colored handles that pop!"

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Price point?
The entire set of brushes retails for $24.95. That would mean that each brush is $2.08 & the canister is $4.16, if they were sold separately. I honestly think this is a serious bargain!

Also, one thing I would like to point out is that BH Cosmetics always has some sort of special going on! Sometimes is makeup, sometimes is brushes, sometimes is a combination of both. So keep a look out for when this brush set goes on sale!
(When I bought these brushes, they were on sale for $15.95!!)

Where can you find it?
You can find this set on the BH Cosmetics website or at any trade show they showcase their products at. To buy directly from their website, click HERE!

How is the packaging?
I love how well-constructed the container and brushes are! The entire thing is fairly compact and lightweight for easy travel and there is enough space to add a few more brushes, if you need to. The canister is made of leather-like material and, because it's barrel-shaped, it won't smash your brushes when you pack them.

Convertible brush caddy

Opened caddy with brushes

What does this brush set include?
The BH Cosmetics 10-Piece Pop Art Brush Set contains 5 face brushes, 3 eye brushes, 1 lip brush, 1 spooley, and 1 brush canister. In actuality, it's 11 pieces in total.

Angled Powder/Blush Brush - This brush is wonderful for powder, blush, or bronzer application. 
Powder Brush - This brush is perfect for applying powder all over the face to set any liquid of cream product you may have applied to your face or to apply powder foundation.
Foundation Brush - This brush is generally used to apply liquid foundation on the face.
Complexion Brush - This brush is great for applying setting powders to the smaller/more delicate areas of the face or to apply a wash of color all over the eyelid & browbone areas.
Flat Complexion Brush - This brush is generally used to apply and spot-blend concealer.

Spooley Brush - This is a great tool to groom your brows or remove any clumps from the lashes after applying mascara.
Lip Brush - This brush is great to apply lipstick with precision.
Angled Liner/Brow Brush - This brush is perfect for applying gel liner onto the upper lashline or to apply powder/gel products to the eyebrows.
Fluffy Angled Eyeshadow Brush - This brush is wonderful for applying eyeshadow onto the outer corner of the eye for a cat-eye effect.
Tapered Eyeshadow Brush - I love this brush for blending eyeshadow or applying eyeshadow onto the crease.

What colors does it come in?
It only comes in one "color": A striped canister and different neon-colored handles for the brushes. I am not sure whether they will come out with a different set in the future.

What type of bristles are the brushes made with?
All the bristles are vegan synthetic.

How is the texture?
All the brushes are sturdy but not pokey and they have some give when applying makeup. They are soft to the touch and apply makeup wonderfully. Also, the handles are shorter than your average makeup brush, but they are not quite travel-size.

Are there any cons?
The only thing I am not a fan of is the flat foundation brush and flat complexion brush. These are too old school for my taste. I hate that they leave streaky foundation and concealer marks on the face. I'm not talking just about these brushes in particular, but all brushes of this kind from any brand. They are not the best. I would have preferred to see a blender face brush for applying foundation and a finger-pointed brush for concealer application since these type of brushes create a more airbrushed look on the face.

What are your overall thoughts?
Overall, I really like this set. I think they perform amazing and the price is really affordable. Considering the cost, I expected lower quality products; however, I was not disappointed and these brushes exceeded my expectations as far as feel and performance. I highly recommend the BH Cosmetics 10-Piece Art Pop Brush Set to anyone who is either starting out their brush collection or someone who is looking to add to their collection with a good brush bargain. These brushes are excellent!

I hope you find this review helpful and that you all are doing great! See you again very soon!

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